Anthony LeBlanc
Anthony LeBlanc

The Sun published this sentence in the article, "Building Boom", published in print and online dated 30th March 2018.

"And Anthony LeBlanc, president of the Dominica Builders and Contractors of Dominica has questioned the legality and wisdom of granting of this huge contract to a foreign company."

This action appear to be quoting me, when I have not spoken on this specific matter, as if it was a specific comment on the matter. This is wrong and needs to be corrected. In the least, it is also quoting my previous statements out of context, which in essence are:

  1. These contracts should be procured in accordance the law of the land, which states that the normal method of procurement is open competitive procurement. [This and] many of the recent procurements events and contract awards do not meet the requirements which would allow an exception.

  2. There have to be opportunities for locals to participate, either on their own or in some form of alliance with local or foreign players. Dominican talent is frustrated and stifled by these procurement practices; local private sector growth is deliberately retarded in preference to foreign companies.

  3. There has to be greater transparency in public procurement practices and a greater effort to maximise the use of scare government funding in public procurement.

  4. The government should not attempt to deny participation of local private sector in public procurement by underhanded and secret procurement practices,

  5. Such practices opens out large avenues for corrupt practices and poor results, with the Dominican public and tax payer awarded awarded very bad deals.

I would like this statement to be corrected, and if comments representing BCAD or myself as president of BCAD needs to be made, it should follow the five points above. I would be very grateful it this is handled properly and corrected.

Tony LeBlanc