I never reread stuff I have had published as I never want to 'you shoulda and you shouldna' myself. You see, every day you get smarter or shoulda anyway. Last semester I was asked to write a letter to my fourteen year old boy by his teacher or school upon his graduation from Middle to HIGH school. He was very pleased to have received the letter, impressed I dreamed, and thanked me for it.

Recently I was moving from another place to another place again, you see am a Domad, and was going through what to leave, what to carry- go and what to throw. I came across a copy of that letter and read it and went "what boy ,not bad". What if I had got …….. forget about that …too late now.

With all the tablet issue goings-on and the direction our youth are taking I thought maybe it's timely to reproduce that letter here and just maybe another fourteen year old may get some inspiration or direction or guidance from it and not be carried away by the Pied Piper.

May 20th, 2015

My dear Joshua,

Congratulations on your achievement. You stepping man! Positive. It is said that, to walk ten thousand miles you got to make one step, so just keep on moving man, for every step takes you closer to the stars. In your journey you will realize that middle school, high school, college, university are preparations , the foundation, stepping stones, the tools to learning as the bulk of your knowledge will come from what you hear, see and feel. Be aware.

Many harp on the negatives of this world, don't dwell there. There is much good bring it out, but never cease in repairing the bad for the light of man shines the more ,the more lighted brothers there are. Reflections!

As you drop your markers, be it a one hundred meter dash, a two hundred, a relay or a string of A's, always remember the fundamentals to life of man as taught by brother Jesus. LOVE! It is not 89 or 91 or 87 unleaded that we need but love best operates human technology.

Never let pain erase the beauty and possibilities of creation. Think on the many inventions and discoveries that your generation will make, the marvels that awaits you, the achievements. Man living in peace and togetherness is the ultimate achievement and should always be worked towards diligently.

Am proud, very proud and though am not physically in attendance to partake in your celebrations be assured that my spirit will be with thee throughout your journey.

Remember life is a constant surmount, a getting over or through the happenings and eventualities. Face every moment with total awareness and with your foundations of JAH everything will be alright. One step at a time, if the pixels are good, the picture will be.


DAD When you were young and sweet
You use to think that
Things were so neat
You could never be turned back
But now the days have grown
And time has been forwarded
Are you in step
Are you with stride
Or do you need a ride oh
Did you plan
Did you build a foundation
Are you with the One LEONARDO JOSHUA