Mr. wrote: "I hope that progressive people, especially in Dominica will realize that we live in a world full of variety and that people should learn to be a little more tolerant in their treatment of others...".

I agree with what you're suggesting, but you don't seem to be practicing what you're preaching. You refer to yourself as a Dominican who didn't "purchase our passport, who was born here, and have contributed to the progress and development of the island" if that gives you some higher status, entitled to better treatment than me, just because I purchased my passport 17 years ago.

I made a choice to live in Dominica, to be a Dominican, to invest in property, and to operate a successful business [ 4D Ag Center ]. I've been respectful of my fellow Dominicans. I've also been a law abiding citizen, and I have contributed to the progress and development of the island just like you. I have very beautiful Dominican granddaughters... I just wasn't born here.

Suggesting that all citizens-by-passport-purchases are somehow inferior citizens is no different than Donald Trump suggesting that all Muslims are terrorists. I know, and you know that's not true, and that not all customs and immigration officers are insensitive either. I'm not offended by your characterization of me, I see it as an opportunity to peacefully, and respectfully share our feelings and to learn about each other, to help create a more tolerant world...thank you for that.

If I have the chance to meet you, I'd be happy to shake your hand and call you brother...because isn't that what we all are?...we're all equal...all brothers and sisters on this place we call earth...can we agree on that? Peace and love.

Barry Szumlanski