It was a day we'll all remember but wish we could all forget.
August 27, the day Sweet Dominica & Violent Erika met.

We heard she may visit but did not expect her harbouring all that anger.

The smiles on our faces, oh boy did she damper!

We rep 767, proud to be Dominican
Erika did rep about 5 hours, her nationality: she's a Destroy-Every-Thing-I-Can! Like a femme debar, she cried us down with continuous rain.
Trees desperately holding on to the soil, but she pulled till they let go of our terrain.

Rivers which slept peacefully on their water bed;
She woke them up with their mouths roaring as they swallowed everything, even the dead.

The infrastructure damage, the landscape damage and the families she has left mourning;

Shows us how life can change in just a few hours of a dreadful morning.

For those who lost material things, one day it will be replaced.
For those who lost loved ones, one day we'll meet again in a heaven that's eternally graced.

The Maths of life shows that: together we stand, divided we fall;
So thanks to the nations who are aiding to pick Waitukubuli up and make her again stand tall.

Isle of beauty, Isle of splendour, an Isle we must seek to constructively repair.

Let's put away the negativity and differences and do nation building in this time of despair.

See the fact remains that even if Jolly's Pharmacy prescribed Erik-aspirin, this headache of a memory will always remain;
But from the heavens, the island was sprinkled with God's Yeast that means Dominica will Rise again.