DPSU's Thomas Letang
DPSU's Thomas Letang

Fellow Dominicans, again this year Christmas celebration including all the traditions, customs and habits which accompany it follow on the heels of a divisive general election campaign. For some, long established friendships were lost through mistrust and selfishness. The pain and suffering of those who were personally targeted will not simply or swiftly disappear. To wait until the actual day of Christmas or a couple of days before to seek forgiveness or reconciliation for all the wrong things we have done or said during the campaign would seem hypocritical if it is done just for "Christmas time."

There is no record in the Holy book that our Redeemer forgave only on His birthdate. Forgiveness on His part is continuous. He bestows love every minute of every day.

As God fearing people who celebrate significant events like the birth of Christ we should see the actual date as the climax of all the goodness and Christ-like practices which we have established all year round.

The point I wish to make is that efforts at reconciliation and forgiveness should be made as soon as mistakes are recognized. Christmas therefore presents us with the opportunity to reflect on the efforts we have made during the year to hurt others less and show more love. It presents us with the opportunity to reflect on how well we have served others during the year, and we will continue to do so.

We should continually resolve to change from doing wrong things to doing the things that will bring us together, so that when Christmas comes at the end of the year our celebration will be filled indeed with peace, good cheer and great Christian joy.

Going forward, then, let us show love and practice truth and reconciliation not only at Christmas time but throughout the year giving true meaning to the joy of our Saviour's coming. It is only then that we can joyfully celebrate our Redeemer's birth.