YAHOO! Joy, Joy! Yippee! I've waited 10 years for it…Roseau now has a health food store called Fresh Vitamins located at 7 Great George St. I found the store clean, well organized and well stocked. I recognized many brand names and hence found good quality products. The staff was friendly and helpful. Fresh Vitamins features a wide variety of supplements including vitamins, minerals and herbal products, sports nutrition, weight loss formulas, organic and gluten free food, homeopathic formulas, health and beauty products and formulas for sexual well being.

I did hear some people mention the store was "expensive ". My question to that is "compared to what"? Living an unhealthy lifestyle costs loads of money when hospitalization or surgery becomes the end result. Sometimes taking care of yourself with natural formulas pays dividends in the long run because medical bills are kept to a minimum. I have shopped in health food stores in Antigua and find the prices at Fresh Vitamins fairly reasonable. Remember that, shipping your own personal products from the U.S. or Europe or Canada can become quite costly. Again the store in Roseau is cost effective because they order in bulk and pass a smaller shipping fee on to the customer. And what about convenience? I can now purchase what I need or refer my patients to Fresh Vitamins which keeps the money on the island. Finally, health is the most important investment in yourself you can make. You are worth it!

For more information call us 440-3118/9 or email