The year 2016 has started wonderfully for I was relieved, thankful, grateful, pleased, happy, put at ease, comforted, cheered and reassured, as it was heart-warming, rewarding, uplifting, gladdening, encouraging, moving, touching, soul stirring to be enlightened, made aware, notified, to let know, to be illuminated, to have had my eyes opened, to be given the details, filled in, put wise, put in the picture and brought up to speed by Tony Astaphan over the Rags and Riches and Minions with Millions story.

I have been floored, flummoxed and flabbergasted over the past five years by the numerous allegations brought against this Roosevelt Skerrit. I have always wondered why don't they refute all those serious sounding things. Maybe they have and I was not listening but I have never heard such a spirited, vexatious and documented defence of Roosevelt Skerrit as Mr. Astaphan gave to Talking Point on Tuesday January 12th 2016.

From where I stand on the black side this rigorous defence strike me as they have the facts on their side that's why they are doing it, although I have had more than one person tell me "is when they lying they does talk more wee". At the risk of putting my P in my M I believe Tony-them but here's what I want done for my relief, my heart-warming and my enlightenment to be lasting.

When I go to church the preacher usually says to pray for our leaders but it is hard to do so if there are none or if the leader is a crook, though one can pray for him to de-crook. I want to get clear and documented details a la January 12th that Roosevelt Skerrit did not go to Las Vegas on a French passport undercover to meet with crooks. I would like Mr. Astaphan to tell me that Roosevelt did not say no damn constitution can stop me for as a lawyer he knows better than lowly me that that cannot be.

I want him to show me the documents that refute the bin borbol. I want him to tell me that why a woman of such supposedly high repute as the Scotland woman would not be diplomatic and say something unifying like ' though some people disputed my nomination I want to tell Dominicans noo toot kay pofee, pwaygad', instead of being decadent, unprincipled, shameless, wanton, rakish, divisive, alienating, estranging, disharmonious.

Please keep me warm, relieved and enlightened by telling me that the Madueke fiasco just wasn't. Tell me that all those purported crooks with our passports were framed. Tell me that the Government is working to retrieve the Layou River Hotel mess and that if we will not get our money back we will never renew any passports sold under that deal and we will forcibly if need be reclaim our land.

Document for those of us on the black side the number of passports sold, the monies received and the purposes to which they have been disbursed. Tell us, we have been waiting long, about the M.O.U. Tell me Mr. Astaphan of the necessity for so much ministry. Tell me, make me understand though I am the last in the land citizen seventy thousand.

Tell us Mr. Astaphan why all the vexation, hate, vehemence and vengeance. De Baronless, de Skreete, now you, our supposed leaders. We wonder why our ten year olds are into alcohol and other debilitating attitudes. Tell us, quell us.


Backfire: boomerang, rebound, not go as planned. Tell me, you all are kicking yourselves for you just made Lennox Linton a martyr. It seems like you put your P in your M.