The lady looked over my shoulder and marveled that the doctor, after having run with the workers, now wants to run with the labourers. I told her that even while in Parliament, people switched sides. The part that matters is, whether either of them would make an effort to get his side, to do what is good for the nation above party and personal interests.

For instance, would he insist publicly that the number of constituencies be reduced? In an age of instant communication and an ability to get to any part of the country by car within one hour thirty minutes why do we need 21 constituencies? Which in turn makes it easy to have an excuse for so many ministers. Barring the reduction in the number of constituencies, would the candidate be bold enough to come out and ask for a reduction in the number of ministries?

Talking of ministries and ministers, what actual work do ministers have to do at their offices? Wouldn't it be more beneficial if they spent more time (when not travelling overseas) in the towns and villages which they were elected to represent and get a personal knowledge of the thoughts of the people? Maybe that way they could correct some misconceptions and give insights to the thinking of the Government to the people who elected them.

Seriously, they would certainly get to know how frustrating it is for the people to get things done, which they consider simple. Like how many times does one have to leave the villages and got to Roseau if all they want is to renew a Produce Sellers License? And why do ministers or PS's have to see and approve everything especially when they are frequently unavailable?

I am amazed how little time that members of the opposing group spend in their constituencies. They do not have the excuse or pretense of Government ministers that they are otherwise too occupied. It is mind blowing that especially under circumstances which they feel that are ripe for their ascendency, they do not capitalize and work for their people. I don't see the logic in letting things get worse just to blame it on the ruling party. I would have thought that the answer would be to motivate your supporters to do work to improve their conditions, in spite of the perceived neglect by Government. Ripplee