When I had been set down and my eyes made to see and my nose smelled sulphur, I wondered aloud where I could be because I beheld a beautiful park with lots of different plants and flowers.

There was also the sounds of gaiety coming from a diverse group of all ages and colours. Children played on swings and merry go rounds and also hopscotch and other kid games while their parents and guardians joked and played at cards, dominoes and Scrabble.

A young man answered and informed me that I was at the Soufriere Sulphur Springs Recreation Park. When I looked at askance he informed me that I had been transported into the 2020's since I had been pessimistic about Dominica's future.

After much delay, the election had been held and there had been a tie (like the Cricket World Cup) except this time I will be pleased with the result.

Each of the main parties had won 10 seats but there was one candidate who was an Independent and since neither party would concede or could convince her to join them, it was agreed that she should be Prime Minister.

She picked equally from each side and men and women she did pick; 10 and 11 were the ministries that she did create and urged the other elected members to work in and for their constituencies.

The leaders of both parties she did select and made one minister of public works and ports and the other of tourism and Kalinago affairs. She then selected every other to a ministry of his/her strength.

I wanted to know why this place was thus transformed and was told that the PM believes that if the island is made beautiful, clean and enjoyable for the locals, the tourists and investors would be anxious to be part of the happy Dominica.

I asked about all the plans in the 2019 budget and the opposition's counter proposals and was told that many of them were sent back to the drawing board while she built a self-sufficient happy Dominica.

Jonathan Vidal