Everything is a sewo, sewo, sewo from the beer sponsors, the private sector, the telecoms companies; and guess what, it's all about the teens and young adults who prance to the latest Dance Hall hits, Hip Hop, DJ flip, Mr Mix, DJ Scare, Mr Mystic and of course WCK, Triple Kay, Nayee, Kross Vibes, Fanatic and the list goes on.

There's nothing wrong with the above but if it's not a theatrical production, an Oldie Goldie's by Wadix, Mr Mix and company or perhaps a Sisserou Singers production once or twice annually, where do adults exhale? Furthermore, where do youth under the age of 13 go for recreation?

No longer do young people play with dolls or hopscotch or marble hole; the television is their baby-sitter and so we must find a way for families to go out and have good, clean fun. Many of the youth groups are no more; nor is it fun to go guava hunting at Stock Farm, go bathe 'Under Power'; the Gardens is out of commission for football. So after work there seem to be very little to do. The wives resort to television shows like Passions and Young and Restless while the men or husbands play dominoes and have a drink or two with the boys.

Now that Brizee Mart at Canefield is out of commission, it's a great loss for many families in and around Roseau, if not for shopping with the family but for the Christmas cheer, lights, music and excitement for many toddlers who " play at their own risk" in the parking lot while having an ice-cream.

At one time Roseau had a facility where there was a 'merry-go-round' 'slides 'and' swings' where parents brought their children after church on Sunday afternoons for fun and frolic. This is something the next Mayor of the city must look into; where do the very young ones play and recreate within the city?

The Botanic Gardens could be an ideal location where light could be installed and switched on even if it's on weekends only, for courtship, walks by our more mature citizens and general socialization. Of course a few attendants would be needed for protection and general supervision of the swings, merry-go-rounds, roller skating and other fun-filled activities.

Life can get pretty boring for many adults who work their entire lives only to be told 'their time pass' or they are overweight. But this does not have to be. In many Caribbean countries we have Under 40 and Over 50 football, basketball and netball competitions.

They have drive-in cinemas, pool boards, tennis facilities where mature adults can recreate and stay active. By 8 o'clock Roseau is a ghost town and that tells a story in itself.

Really this is not just a government issue, but a private sector one as well; for instance, the few benches in the Gardens are not properly located because some are in the direct line of the sun, providing very little respite from the sun where persons can relax, read a book or study. The Gardens need an upgrade; a couple bars, a fountain, a pool with fishes, lights etc. Nowhere in this region is such a large green space existing in a city, while ours is underutilised and under developed.

In our country it would seem then that one has to be very creative when you are a mature adult to find ways to socialize or have fun if you are tired of going to the beach or river. You basically have to search your mind to what to do. It's no wonder Skinny says "Sewo hard" because, really, he senses that when you "knock" 40-45 you will begin to feel out of place in our land.