We were assured by the Minister of Legal Affairs in December last year, that there was no shortage of magistrates on the island when the contract of the then magistrate Ossie Lewis came to an end. But up to date, people in certain districts are still waiting on a magistrate for their ease to be heard and a backlog is building up.

What really was the rationale behind relieving one very good magistrate of his duties when there was no one to replace him, especially when he is still capable and I believe willing to continue? Or do we prefer to bring in a foreigner?

In the meantime, the people are always the ones to become affected by unjustified and unreasonable decisions coming from those in power. Are they putting self before the interests of the people they promised to serve? To put it bluntly, we cannot afford to let go of our highly competent and hardworking magistrate to go without an immediate replacement.

It would be a wise decision on the part of the Government to show the people they care by reinstating Mr. Lewis until a suitably qualified local magistrate can be found. Concerned Citizen