Recently I came across an article I had written in disbelief, vexation and agreement with Dr. Colin McIntyre who said I was not thinking right. I never sent it to the paper as I thought he was just a silly boy and there was no need to help blaze another fire in our pristine land.

He was stupid I thought, for there he was at the head table with the Attorney General, the Chief of Police, the Speaker of the House and others, supposedly on a discussion about 'youth and violence and ways to alleviate it'. Who tell me go there? Anyway, I decided to speak on the matter as I believe we like to blame the youth and want direction though we give them no guidance. Colin, who is supposed to be in the leadership of the country did not let me make my point displaying utter intolerance, a corner stone of said violence. He said to the meeting that I was a mental case, all because my yet to be made point did not start as if it would be a consolidation of his silly, partisan, divisive political view. I remember the Attorney General told me that it have violence in America so we can have it here too. Oh boy!

When I reread the article I had to laugh as I had written stuff that would give Colin's diagnosis legs, so to speak. I told him yes, I am a mental case for here are some of the things I think about. I wrote that there are no true men as not any of us had cornered the psychological abilities of man much less his divinity. Yes, there are many males with highly developed muscles but what of his brain, what of his soul. I told him that if we lived like was written about Jesus Christ we would all be like God and do the things that Jesus did. His Father it was said sent him as a template of what a real man is. The Father should know what he made.

I wrote that if hurricanes form over the warm ocean then we should cool the ocean down by using the hundreds of nuclear submarines as refrigerants. Mental! I wrote that why should a banana tree produce one bunch and throw itself down, why not two to balance itself off. I told him that cancer is just a bobo on the inside and if we find a way to oxygenate it, maybe it will cure. You know Colin what happens when you shofay a bobo under your pants.

When I finish, I say wee bondieu Colin knew what he was talking about but he just chose the wrong forum to be stupid. I thought, is no wonder nobody 'does' talk to me, maybe they know what Colin know. Although de first fella who say de earth was not flat was called a mental case by Colin. Remember Socrates, Colin; he drank de hemlock instead of agreeing with the likes of you.

I must have been thinking much too hard
For my hair is falling out
With all the scratching and digging about
In search of something that would take this blues away
In search of something that would soothe my pain today I must have been searching much too long
For my knees are buckling down
With all the walking and running around
In search of someone that could blow my blues away
In search of someone that would soothe my pain today.

Ps If I was a mental case I would take out emancipation on de NEG MAWON statue. I would put EMANCIPATE YOURSELF or freedom

If I was not a case I would rename the road from Pond Case to Marigot ROUTE NEG MAWON. This is so historically and geographically appropriate.

I would take out that silly red spot on the Dominica flag.

Leonardo Joshua