The Cathedral bell rang 4.00.Is time I thought the hour really at hand. As I reach home

"Bondieu Tee!"that was her nickname for me. " you doe hear dat outside,Papa God!" hysterical as usual, my grandmother.

"Take it easy mamie, we will just get some wind and rain"

"Wind and rain! I doe think so, nah! They say Hugo bad, and it headed straight for Dominica" she exaggerated.

"Who tell you dat mamie? You just saying what you want!"

She was always making things appear worse than how it really was and to make matters worse she had a bad heart so all this unnecessary excitement was not good. I remember during David she went to the washroom twelve times per hour.

"Oh God I" mumbled "Not again!"

I decided that now was preparation time- my little boy and his mother was at my home, my troublesome brother was out and my sister Gizelle was quite asleep.

I Put batteries in the torchlight, made sure there was enough food, matches and I full up all containers with water because before a little drop of rain fall you know DOWASCO shut down " in de interest of the health of the community'. Never tell you de system inadequate.

Just then my sister Gizelle get up crazy, crazy, start to scrub yard and sweep flower garden. Is like she expecting a visit from His Majesty President Hugo. "Gizelle what wrong with you, is a hurricane dat coming you know so waht you sweeping for? Everything going dirty all over.

"So what " She snapped back " So even if is a hurricane the house cannot be clean den?"

"Dominicans like to run up their mouth when dey see your place dirty. If they come there for shelter or anything I want them to meet the place clean."End of story, I leave her in she ignorance.

Later I hear granny telling her the place doe have gas, doe have lamp, doe have dis and doe have dat. Well is clean my sister cleaning so is poor me.

"You have money to buy gas" I called out to her

"Check on my dressing table" and she went back to sleep. As far as she was concerned she had done her share. She left the place spic and span for Mr Hugo.

I call a friend of mine for us to go by McMillan to buy gas and kerosene. Boy people like peas! But I get serve fast because a sales girl I make a sweet eye for some time ago set me up.

I come home feeling ready now to face Mr Hugo. I tell everybody goodnight and go to bed. Now what bed! I couldn't sleep. Ted and Mikey kept the nation alive informing them of the whereabouts of Hugo with music updates, hurricane tips; all glued to DBS. Soon I was snoring.

Next day weather turn bad. Hurricane bound to hit us.

A boy pass and ask my indifferent brother" What de vibes"

"Well I just there, I see everybody excited, excited, I doe know for what." he replied cynically looking in my direction. But this statement I felt was more directed towards my coward and dispirited grandmother. Wicked I thought. I wish there was some way Hugo would go with him alone.

Same time the radio announcer voice cracked a warning and we circled the radio to listen.......