As an art and entertainment writer and having been commissioned by the editor to have my articles represent this, I found myself turning and twisting, obviously uneasy, as to how do I approach this article least it be disqualified and put under the "letters to the editor" section of this newspaper. It was at this very point in time that I felt inspired by the old adage that the pen is mightier than the sword and reflected how the Bible and yes, the Koran, have influenced billions world wide as well as the music of Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Jimmy Hendricks, Santana, Bob Dylan, Elvis and a host of others who fashioned lives for decades.

Speaking of centuries, one cannot forget Shakespeare who lived centuries ago and is still studied and quoted by many scholars today. So, with all humility, I ask myself and by extension our writers and literary artistes what is the role of the gay movement through its Miridom or more appropriately 'Miri-dumb' organization in this country? Well, a voice came to me and said do what you have always done…write and compose. Thus, I call on all my brothers and sisters in the arts to wage lyrical and literary war on this evil which is invading our land. Biblically and prophetically savvy individuals, who study Revelation and the abominations of Sodom and Gomorrah which led to their destruction, tell us we must do all in our power to delay the inevitable. Thanks to Prime Minister Skerrit's assurance that the laws will remain on the books: indeed we must listen to them ….that's all.

The bigger question is how many of us will remain true and not fall victim to the glitz and glory, the promise of money and fame, the threats of not trading with countries should they fail to adhere to treaties which support a perverted and abominable right. Yes, they are coming out from the closets fast and furious because their spokes-person has boldly lit the flames.

As one pastor noted fornicators, adulterers, thieves and the like who acknowledge the wrongs of such indulgences have never sought to form groups who lobby for their rights or seek to establish associations such as the DBMC, Planned Parenthood Association, Calypso Association but never the association of adulterers. So, therefore, this is an orchestrated movement to make the Bible, the Koran and other morals handed down for generations by inspired men of GOD obsolete.

In search of satisfaction for their perverted, un-natural pleasures, the word of the Creator of the universe which states "that heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away….." or that "God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow", means nothing to these individuals.

What is more disgusting is that they want to adopt our children because they have defied procreation as the Father has ordained it. Now we have accepted, right here in our land, young ladies living with each other as lovers at our banks, schools, just about everywhere. It's no longer a "mal-nomn" or "marco' persons who appear straight as ever who has deliberately chosen this life and has sought justification in genetics and all sorts of ridiculous reasonings.They never advance prayer and counseling as a remedy for what is clearly the devil's work; rather they justify their sexual orientation by claiming to have suffered a series of bad relationships with men and therefore seek to find solace in the arms of another woman- lesbianism.

So as musicians and players of instruments as well as poet I call on Triple K , Nayee, WCK, Rah, Acer Bantan, all calypsonians , yes also Franatic, Rasta and the House of Nayabingi; anyone launching recordings or putting pen to paper in creative expression, to dedicate a song, music video or two, in defiance of this outrage. CARIMAN and the Ministry or Gender/ Woman Affairs must not be excluded; we need to hear their voices. Teachers of English, Social studies, HFLE, Religious Studies, Literature, this must be a classroom exercise from pre-school level to inculcate, solidify and to keep our children away from these twisted individuals and to counteract this buggery/ lesbian lifestyle. I admire the stand of Angelo Allen of not even entertaining this Miri- dumb talk in the name of "Demoncracy".

These persons will use every medium to disseminate their filth. They have already convinced President Obama and US First Lady. It is said that we are the last to develop, let us be happy for once, to be last to accept this development …from behind.

Fellow artistes, we have a common enemy and our voice is powerful, even as Mirror Production just staged Lovindeer in Dominica for Father's Day the message is still "Doe bend down'. We need the help of visual artistes who print T-shirts, banners, flyers and the painters to give no comfort to this movement which seem to be encircling the region like vultures. They are organized and sit in high places and we must use all the ammunition at our disposal.

Readers, fans, if the tone of this article is a departure my unusual usual calm deliberations, I have good reason to. No compromise- and as Crazy Tee and my Rasta brethrens would say - fire burn!