'The Botanic Gardens in the Capital City is the last remaining significant green space in Roseau. Over the years it has been used for a multitude of purposes including entertainment, a thoroughfare, playing field and sports ground, research, government offices, etc.

The proposed "Master Plan" for the GARDENS suggests a plan that accommodates the multiple uses of the Gardens but with the appropriate management regime to ensure that they function as a place of relaxation and leisure activities in the centre of the city. With the additional development of a Bio-Park in the Pond-Case area (which would incorporate the plants, trees, aviary etc. currently housed in the Botanic Gardens, it could then be designated as a multiple use amenity park, with facilities for picnics, children's playground, tennis/basketball courts, etc. The existing road should be diverted and vehicular traffic prohibited from entering the park, excepting perhaps vehicles for the disabled.

Roseau itself is arguably Dominica's most unappreciated asset, somewhat unique in the Caribbean, the City possesses an attractive waterfront, river corridor, historic/heritage quarter, botanic gardens, with a backdrop of spectacular mountain scenery.

However, as depicted in various reports, the City has been much neglected over the years, resulting in derelict buildings, hazardous sidewalks, potholed streets, garbage littering the river front, unattractive streetscapes due to placement of telegraph/electricity wires, traffic congestion, lack of off-street parking – and garbage everywhere! Fortunately this has all been recognized by the current government and new Urban Planning is finally about to transform Roseau, hopefully, in the not too distant future!

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