"The show must go on" is a well-known phrase in show business; it implies that come hell or floods the planned event will be staged.

It seems that the National Cooperative Credit Union (NCCU) has adopted that stance because the 4th annual Cadencelypso Show (NCCU-CLS) will take place as planned despite Tropical Storm Erika's disasters.

The show will be held on October 31 at the Newtown Savannah where 14 finalists will aim at dethroning the winner of the 2014 Cadencelypso Show, Anton 'White Fayrie' Joseph. This year five bands will perform in the band segment; they are Extacy Band, Look-Us Band, Signal Band, Ti Orkest and the defending champion, First Serenade Band.

According to President of NCCU, Dexter Ducreay each finalists will perform one song for not more than seven minutes.

In the band segment of the competition each band will play for 45 minutes; during their performance each band will play two original songs, one test piece from Gordon Henderson and for the rest of the show perform a selection of Cadence music.

Ducreay added that when Cadencelypso Show started four years ago it was designed to produce three results: rejuvenate Cadencelypso, expose and cultivate Dominica's talent and create an export product for Dominica.

"In reference to rejuvenate the Cadence art-form this has been realized by having Cadencelypso as part of the narrative of Independence Celebrations; with reference to expose and cultivate Dominica's talent, we have seen new talent, new art form come to the fold," said Ducreay.

However, he noted that the last goal of the NCCU-CLS has not been accomplished (create an export product for Dominica) but he hopes that as Cadence evolves it will attract a wider audience.

Meanwhile, representative from the Cultural Division Delmance "Rasmoe" Moses said that the Cultural Division is grateful for NCCU's contribution to the cultural industry which is vital to the national economy.

"It is our hope that this sector continues to grow into a major industry of which Cadencelypso (a) genuine Dominican product (will) strive and flourish," he said.

He noted that Cadencelypso is something that every Dominican should relate to because the music is an integral part Dominica's social structure and history.

"It is also a reflection of Dominican's creativity. The era of the Cadencelypso boom had a massive impact on our society…that period is well reflected in the songs," he said.

He added that Cadence music is a true reflection of Dominica's history. He noted that it reflects Dominicans trials, tribulations, celebrations and inner being.

The finalists and song titles for the show, in order of performance are: 1. Jude Delauney-JayDee: L'Amerik 2. Janet Azzouz-De Angel: Beat Of My Heart 3. Bernard Jude-General Natty: Sis Pied 4. Pierre Labassiere: Contante 5. Dexter Peltier-Deros: Eatin' Cyatt 6. Steve Williams-Triumph: Jour Bardine Mwen 7. Shirley Charles-Lady S: 8. Alisha Ducreay: Ki Mako Sa 9. Delma Daniel: Toute Se Meme 10. Rhamadine Phillip-Kalfa P: Fait Bien C'est Pa Mal 11. Chris Sylvester-Chris B: Mal Travail 12. Charles Leatham: Clarce: Creole Doudou 13. Cletus Abraham-Halibut: Wrong and Strong 14. Royer Anselm: Work 15. Anton Joseph-White Fayrie: Pas Abuzey Zanfan