(Sang by Chris-b; written by Ian Jackson)

My fans tell me last year Doe mind is just calypso Doe know what I do wrong Not to make de second round They give me a solution To help de situation Never sing what you believe Sing what make de people please

Say you love de prime minista cause- you just come And your best lawyer is Isidore cause- you just come Tell tourist we live in a holy isle-cause- we just come So our road have holes when we drive cause- you just come The judges bound to score you high Even if is a red lie Doe forget, like the pm smile, remember- you just come

Doe say you cannot eat concrete Like Lugars you will feel it Don't ever believe Linton Cause all you will get is rejection Instead listen to the Heng Bout Mamie and her ten children Remember is only some people That can reach de next level

Say de country nice and clean because –you just come Rivers flowing, so pristine cause- you just come Don't forget to talk bout de waterfalls- you just come And how de country have endless jobs –cause –you just come Doe mind if you see lesbian Or man backing up on man Drive your bus fast as you can cause- you just come

Doe care bout increase in crime That is just a waste of time Everyone looking for votes To go to Mars on a rowing boat Pretend you doe see galvanise And de Bishop and Lafleur nice You doe want to pay de price So listen to your fans advice

Doe come on de stage dressed in jeans-you just come The judges won't put you in- you just come- you just come Doe call your parl rep mr peep peep- you just come You know some people, doe like it-you just come What you know bout violence Never study social science

I hope you love your president, Chris b-you just come Remember if you fall down sick- you just come Dey wouldn't to fly you to Martinique- you just come Doe bother call yourself a patriot- you just come Comseedee c'sot you sot- you just come If this time you doe survive Doe expect Ras Kelly to cry And doe ask de judges why cause, Chris b-you just come