When Colton Thomas graduated in 2007, I never ever thought that my former English student and Saint Mary's Academy head student, a relatively promising academic, would have chosen music as a career. Many were surprised as well and even the artist himself. He states that just for fun he "just tried a thing" in his community at the tender age of 18.

Colton T who was also a talented footballer for SMA and within the Goodwill community and a potential national youth player, said he was quite pleased when his peers found that he had some singing and composition talent.

"It's really they who motivated and helped shape me into who I am becoming today", says Colton Thomas, now artistically know as Colton T.

I still faintly recollect him asking me to listen to some of his early experiments one evening in Goodwill. Colton says, however, he was motivated by Gentle Man, Rihanna and mainly Nasio Fontaine, the artist he grew up listening to, whom he visualize as passionate and realistic in his lyrical content and expression. His first recording was with schoolmate Tige Magloire while the first public performance was at a St Martin School talent show. From that moment he started building a local fan base. An invitation subsequently came which was to be his most memorable at Fete Cabrit in Desirade just off Guadeloupe. Why? Well, Colton described the performance as electric, wonderful stage setting equaled by the reception from patrons.

Today Colton T beams that he feels well-respected by his peers and the public who have heard him perform locally and regionally. When asked about the budding music industry on island, Colton is satirical saying that if there is such an industry he does not know about it. Hence, he plans on doing some collaboration with various artists as he has already done with French- Guyanese act Prof A, who resides in France. The single "Dagga" is expected to hit the streets soon. His promotion of his music has taken him to Jamaica where he is expected to be part of a compilation with an American producer, Arketek of Aketek Music, which will feature Dancehall giants Beenie Man, Aidonia , Busy Signal among others.

At the time of writing this article, Colton T latest music video "Ice-cream Man" is making waves regionally and has spent a couple weeks at number one on Caribbean Rhythms –Jamaican Countdown. It's a first for Dominica. He attributes, in the main, the composition of the beat to long-time musical collaborator and SMA counterpart, Tige Magloire. Of course the song was composed by Colton T himself and production by Cash Flow Records of Jamaica; Video shot by 365 Map, and directed and edited by local company, Suggestive Inc.

Those who have seen it as it made its way down the charts would be pleased with the HD quality and the use of some of our local teen female talents as actors and choreographers in the rather simplistic, some say suggestive, but infectious- sing-a-long " Ice cream Man."

"She say Mr Ice-cream man! What flavor you have in the burning sun And I need something to cool me down (x2) We got vanilla and strawberry Chocolate cones with added cherries Cookies and cream and ice-cream cherries But we don't sprinkle fairies All girls wanna have a cup But she want my ice cream truck.

Colton T, despite his current popularity, propelled by not only his talent but his good looks, which also is an asset in the music industry, says he is aware it's really more localized. He humbly takes the opportunity to thank his parents, Monica, Swizz journalist/promoter Pozzi plus local radio stations particularly Kairi and Krazy T, MC Val Cuffy, Team ICM/SoSick ENT as well as his many supporters and fans.

Let's hope that he does keep his musical 'Ice cream truck' of fans and that his success blossoms in the future.