There are many negative outcomes likely because of Britain's controversial BREXIT vote. However, in one area, it has created the possibility of a significant change of fortune for banana producers. When Britain is completely "free" from Europe, could it then RE-ESTABLISH the once traditional PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT for CARIBBEAN BANANAS which in those days GUARANTEED the market and allowed for great PROSPERITY among farmers? It is one of many matters that concern Caribbean leaders

Among the pressing issues that require early resolution is just how will BREXIT change the extremely beneficial relationship that ALL the former British Caribbean countries like Dominica have had with both Britain and the EU. Any negotiated change is largely perceived as likely to be negative. In fact, even before the UK referendum, a study commissioned by the "dependent" territories made clear that many of the benefits they receive from their relationship "will be placed at serious risk" if the UK decided to leave the EU. Well, the future is the present now, and everyone is worried… This is also because their ties with the EU have grown over the last 15 or so years, enabling important institutional links with the European Commission.

Very importantly, since, as according to UK-based analyst David Jessop, the UK funds about 15% of the European Development Fund (EDF), a first and urgent requirement will be to ensure that what has been agreed on funding for up to 2020 is secure. Remember too that all EDF money are GRANTS, not loans of any sort. So the Caribbean governments NEED to get busy setting up their negotiating machinery – especially to ascertain the possibilities of returning to the GOOD TIMES of preferential treatment for our agricultural exports. Even if the "infamous" WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION may still have a negative attitude towards any kind of preferences, the coming of TS ERIKA also gives some armory to the negotiating team. Could it include outstanding negotiators like Phillip Nassief, Karl Nassief, Norman Rolle, among others?