US president Donald J. Trump
US president Donald J. Trump

The last three weeks have not seen a world poised for stability and growth! Indeed, much of the globe is still trying to accept Donald Trump as President-Elect of the country once viewed as leader of the free world.

Now, as we move forward to January 20th, 2017 and the inauguration date, the presidency, as history will likely regard it, was one won by default (both candidates were VERY unpopular – and justifiably so!). There were many who placed a vote for the lesser of the two evils, some now accepting 'The Don' as the necessary evil. There were allegations of possible computer hackings and of voter debarring (or being allowed to vote beyond the time…) that keep the voting controversy alive, but these could be dismissed as mere mischief-making. What remains, however, is great uncertainty about what lies in store for the USA – and the world, even our speck called Dominica… The suspense remains mind-boggling to a restless, inquisitive and increasingly alert people world-wide!

And all that on top of the indecisiveness of the divisiveness that BREXIT cast over Britain, and the current electoral turmoil that affects Italy, Greece, France, and even Germany. Now there is the threat of Turkey's Erdogan opening the migration flood gates should the EU (correctly) drop more sanctions on his dictatorial country.

Finally the death of Fidel Castro. His demise leaves a country in mourning while others lick their chops superficially gloating that only now will Cuba be on the road to genuine freedom… He had his faults (attempting to put Russian missiles in Cuba was a major blunder with far reaching effect) but the Fidel we ultimately came to respect showed a desire for international justice and a dedicated help for the poor that made him not only iconic but a hero to the modern world.

Now, are we really to give the man Donald Trump a chance? Well, we need to remember that the American majority voted to "Make America Great Again!" Many will view Trump's verbal excesses as that of a non-politician who knew what the people wanted and gave it to them unashamedly and unabashedly with knee-jerk responses often displaying little forethought. Was this just for the campaign? Unfortunately, he will not easily be forgiven for the sleaze that he introduced with his wild rhetoric of scorn, racism, bombast and divisive fear-mongering. Post election, however, the rest of the world must remain "positive" anticipating a better Trump performance – an example so impressively shown by that great leader of grace and intellect, Barack Obama, at their meeting. There was a lesson there for us all!