I carefully read the article of "The Sun" of 2nd December 2013 and let me first to thank you and the Diocese for the beautiful celebration of Sunday, November 24th, I was deeply impressed by the participation and the faith of the people of the Diocese of Roseau.

Regarding the content of the article of The Sun, the wrong idea is that you dear Bishop Malzaire might not have been acting according to the NORMS of the Holy See in the case that unfortunately touched one of our priest.

We all pray and hope that the priest involved might be extraneous to the accusations, but should be very clear that according to the canonical NORMS, you Bishop Malzaire acted in a very appropriated manner.

The Holy Fathers (Blessed Pope John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Pope Francis) recommend to act promptly and urgently when this kind of allegations are presented to us Bishops. Even myself, when in my Office I receive letters on this kind of allegations (according to our NORMS) I promptly inform the Legal Authorities, the Ordinary Bishop and the priest involved. Pope Francis this week (on Thursday, December 5th) ordered the formation of a team of experts to address sexual abuse of children in the Catholic Church.

We all are sure that the wisdom and the universal experience of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith (where the documentation on this case, according to our NORMS, was sent) will give us directions. So we all wait in prayer and humble attitude the decision of our Superiors in Rome.

Archbishop Nicola Girasoli

Apostolic Nuncio