I am filled with despair at receiving another of your unsolicited marketing texts and automated phone calls. It costs me time and energy to answer these unsolicited calls, or to check these texts. They disturb my child's restful slumber and they interrupt my work day. What is even more distressing, is that there seems to be no means of putting an end to receiving them.

I was therefore filled with relief that your 'stalking' would cease, with the enactment of the Electronic Transactions Act 19 of 2013 (ETA). The foresight of my Parliament in sensing my frustrations and legislating to end them, must be acknowledged; Section 38 of the ETA: ' A person who (a) sends unsolicited communications through electronic media to consumers based in Dominica, (b) knowingly uses an intermediary or a telecommunications service provider based in Dominica to send unsolicited electronic correspondence to consumers, or (c) has a place of business in Dominica and sends unsolicited electronic correspondence to consumers, shall provide ever such consumer with a clearly specified and easily activated option to opt out of receiving future communications'.

This serves as notice to my mobile providers and other companies in Dominica to consult their legal advisors. Your policies and business practices need to be amended; there is finally and end to your unsolicited madness.