I write regarding the article above in the Sun newspaper dated 09/11/2015.

Here are my thoughts on the subject that might be of interest.

After reading the article above I felt moved to add my two cents especially as obesity is prevalent here in Dominica. The high incidence of diabetes, obesity among the global population generally, whilst depressing is not insurmountable. Dietary considerations is at the heart of the problem.

Sugar is the main culprit however, other possible factors might be the banned food substances filling the shelves of Dominican supermarkets, etc.

Websites like: 'www.food.gov.uk/business-industry/imports/banned_restricted/foodstuffs-with-current-eu-restrictions' might be a place to start. Please educate the Dominican people so they can make informed decisions about their health. This website also covers food hygiene rating schemes for businesses as well as food allergy and intolerance issues.

Whilst on the subject, I understand that certain weed killers are considered to be carcinogenic because of an ingredient called 'glyphosate'. Carcinogenics cause cancer so I think it is important to avoid public exposure to such products.

If the public are taught how to protect themselves against these dangers we might go somewhere to changing the trend on diabetes.