As a black Nican I am dumbfounded, astonished, astounded, amazed, staggered, surprised, startled, stunned, confounded, non-plussed, stupefied, dazed, dumbstruck, open-mouthed, speechless, 'at a loss for words', thunderstruck, goggle-eyed, wide-eyed, taken aback, thrown, shaken, unnerved, disconcerted, discomposed, bewildered, flabbergasted, floored, flummoxed, knocked for six, knocked sideways, knocked out, bowled over, blown away, unable to believe my ears and gobsmacked to hear them politicians getting-on in the same divisive, nonsensical dumbnican way so soon after our washing. On the one hand they are telling the people about unity for development and they are doing the exact opposite. Two months after Erika 'is' accusations, lies and lawsuits. It's obvious our washing did not cleanse us.

Do they think we live in a hole and no one hears us? Are we a tree in the forest? Can't they put aside their partisanship for the sake of the country? Even though there are issues can they swallow their spittle, so to speak, for the sake of the people? Do they really like or care for the country? Do they get-on the way they do because they think all Nicans are dumb to be done with as they please?

Blackly, Lennox asking De Skreet to step aside because the FBI is investigating his friends is bull. However, the Prime Minister owes the country an explanation or some words on the matter even if it is just to say : "I have known those three gentlemen who were arrested for corruption for many years and I am dumbfounded and flummoxed at the accusations levelled at them. I sincerely hope that it is all bull and blows away quickly as I, Roosevelt Skerrit, on behalf of Dominica has dealings with Mr. Lapsing".

In a previous letter I thought that if the politicians were serious about unity they should have a national day of reconciliation, headlined by a confession for absolution on the part of De Skreet, who I believe is one of the chief maker of the present divisive situation. Somebody has to stand and be man!

I have reconciled with myself, and in so-doing Nicans at large. You will see below the way I felt upon returning to the country five years ago, until I found something I had written which said " Always look for ways to make unity. There lies power. There stands God!" I then went on to write things like " I found out it was all about me for there were fires burning every place I'd been" and " Instead of pointing out, point in". However, am starting to feel like five years ago again. Hence my kaiso.


Most people doh believe in reincarnation
They think it's at odds with Revelation
Yet I know for sure in my past life I was a priest
And in the one before a warrior.
And so it has gone from eon to eon
Priest to warrior, warrior then priest
But it seems I have broken de eternal code
For am stuck in the priestly mode
It's no wonder things are out of order
So am gonna put on me sword
Get rid of this ugly horde
Take back my country for De Almighty.

Leonardo Joshua

P.S. Blood never washes clean from soil. Have our national awards decidedly gone partisan for we give the most divisive people and defenders of divisiveness. A national award is supposed to be to one for national acclaim.