Hey! I haven't written in a long while but I was so upset about this that I just had to find time to write.

In my country Dominica, there are a lot of Haitians and a couple Chinese. Dominicans do not know how to handle change and so has made it their duty to make the Haitians feel less at home. In schools they discriminate against them, at the work place, in society, everywhere it seems people do not like Haitians and wish for them to leave. Dominicans believe that too many Haitians are coming into the country and taking their jobs but really if Dominicans step up and produce quality work then they won't be threatened by other competition. The Haitians have opened up a lot of businesses in the capital as barbers, sewers and farmers. What bothers Dominicans I believe most is the fact that some people prefer the Haitians services instead of theirs.

I think some people of my country are being a little too ridiculous when it comes to this situation. All nationalities have its faults and we cannot be picky about who comes into the country especially since both Dominica and Haiti are a part of CARICOM. All members of CARICOM must support the objectives and that is free movement of people and so Dominica has no right to reject Haitians just as Haitians can't reject Dominicans. It's a two-way situation and like the article in the newspaper said if Haitians go away from the country, the economy would a take a downfall because they are so engrossed in our local market.

So I think Dominicans should be more considerate about the foreigners to come to this country and offer us their services. We need to grow up.

Tkeyah Jno Baptiste