We are well aware of the propensity of Dominicans to add one and one and get eleven. Things are never what they are but something else. I find it very easy to not commit sin by lying and at the same time keep my business private by just telling Dominicans the truth, they never believe and will say something different to their gossippees.

So, when I hear that a bank paying $30,000 EC a month to rent a building, I say 'ee pasa vway". You see, ten years at 30,000 a month adds up to three million, six hundred thousand dollars. Now, 3.6 million can make a sizeable building. After all they are a bank, take a loan, bon dieu. Keep de 30,000.

Now if you look around Roseau you will see Government offices all over the place. One wonders how much money Government pays out to it's many landlords per annum. Again why? Why not build a building? Save all that rent. There is a commercial on the radio suggesting just that. $700 a month for twenty years becomes $160,000.

There is always a simple way out if one is to do good. The crooked way has the complications. It is said that the Government does not know what to do having got 900 applications for 60 Chinee apartments. Problem solved. Easy. Give them to the people in 'PONG'. Demolish those unsightly shacks and erect buildings that will house all Government offices and stop throwing money down the river.

Why do we need so many ministries anyway? Jamaica has a population of 2,780,477 people and has 16 ministries and twenty ministers, four of which are without portfolio in the Prime Ministers Office. Dominica has a population of 70,000, yet we almost match Jamaica with 14 ministries and 18 ministers. If one goes per capita to decide on ministers, Dominica would have a little more than half a minister as Jamaica has one for every 139,023 people. Of course, that is ridiculous but why do we need eighteen? How much work do we have? How much money do we make? Is it because of incompetence or laziness? Many hands make light work they say or a bigger clinic.

Too many hands on deck. You see it all adds up. All ministers need offices and secretaries and clerks and this and that and these and those and the joke is, even if there are three people doing one person's work they are still slow and incompetent and sometimes even rude on the bargain. Remember, if you give three hours work and get eight hours pay you too in the corruption. Point in not out.

We are all aware of the excess ministries bloated with civil servants. All countries cutback, Dominica expands. You do not have to send the excess home with nothing you know; give them or make available to them two acres of arable land so that they can plant and produce instead of just suck.

But maybe all this 30,000 rap is just rabble rousing , Nicans being dom. You see, people can only respond to their capacity. When they see or hear something they can only come to conclusions their intelligence and experience will allow, so doh vex with us. The joke is Jeremiah will dismiss what Ezekiel says about him because he thinks Ezekiel is stupid but then take as gospel what Ezekiel says about somebody else and spreads it thru his family. You ever wonder why so much stupidity going round the island , notwithstanding the curse Columbus put on us, is smart people spreading it you know.

Everywhere you go is a different story
Before them see you , they know aready
Spreading wicked rumor, becoming character killer
Having negative joy, all time little boy