Mr. Michael Norris, I am forced to respond just this once to your "In favor of toleration article" of June 24th 2013, of the Sun. This is your right but I would like to briefly correct some of the untruths re harassment of these said individuals. I never called for this, and quite the opposite, would like them to repent of their deeds.

No Mr. Norris, my call to musicians may be ironical on a global scale but certainly not on a locally. It is Dominica I am presently concerned about. The world may have already shared your "tolerance" but not in Dominica. I know of no homosexuals in Tipple Kay, WCK, Swinging Stars, Acer Bantan or any Calypsonians etc. - some of the artists that I issued a call to in my article to chant down this immorality. Your narrow mindedness of the phrase "Fire –burn" should not be taken literally or out of context with the addition of 'bazookas' to annihilate homos as may have been advanced by Buju Banton. Don't mix issues, it's metaphorical-it just means a total disregard or intolerance for your tolerance.

You are right; homosexuality will remain with us and even be given "legal" blessing by others as yourself. However the God I serve, who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, who has indicated that a man should not lie with another, has stated it's an abomination, unnatural and abnormal. Hence I take issue with you trivializing Jehovah's biblical prophetic words as mere convenience.

Unlike you and man's wisdom, I do not prioritize the findings of genetics or the brilliance of modern day science; they have no answers to the economic complexities and mysteries of the world or to the all- knowing wisdom of the Creator of the universe. Therefore I am unable to tolerate what my God don't. "Oh what is man that though art so mindful of him!"

I did express utter disgust for MIRIDOM's desire to take to a next level the sex they have been, and will continue to have, in their bedrooms and resort to public sexual fondling, marriage, flirting at events, churches, social gatherings, and in front of our children. I am not concerned about the USA, England or where ever. This filth should be rejected here, in Dominica!

I hope against hope, Mr. Norris, that you are not purporting guys kissing each other on their mouths, tongues extended, in the middle of Roseau as one of the inalienable rights which you alluded to in your article. Contrary to the tone of your response in your letter, I love everyone, have gay associates and friends but never asked for any of them to be weeded out or harassed- I never said this! I wish for their repentance.

On the issue of behaviour and institutionalization, I take issue with particularly, as I suspect, the "Dom" in the acronym MIRIDOM refers to Dominica, and that includes me as a citizen. Give them an inch, and then they will take a mile. Soon they will marry as one or their 'inalienable' right; they will have gay regional conferences as an inalienable right; they will have gay clubs as one their 'inalienable' right; they will interfere with their consenting adult children as their 'inalienable' right!

Finally, Sir, if you are not part of the committee your response is strange, and I am sure you will be recruited, or at least approached, for doing such a good job being the first respondent via this medium expressing tolerance for this lifestyle. Strange, because none of my articles that you confess you read has evoked a response. You do feel strong about this! As for me, I will forever maintain my Christian principles as I have very little faith in genetics or science which once advanced that the world is flat, man came from apes or that there was no GOD...keep reading.

Ian Jackson