Sleep deprivation affects almost everyone at some point in time. Our lifestyles often impinge on getting a good night's repose. Sleeping pills are a huge part of Big Pharma's millions because we all know and feel what it's like to lose precious sleep. But, there are some amazing foods that now have research showing how and why they can help bring about better sleep. Here is the list.

  • Cherries. These contain melatonin the nutrient that helps us to sleep soundly. Tart cherry juice drunk before bed time helps increase sleep time by 25 minutes.

-Milk. We all know the story of grandma's remedy of warm milk to calm us before bedtime. She was surprisingly right. Milk contains tryptophan a calming nutrient.

-Miso Soup. Miso is made from fermented soy beans and boosts melatonin production.

Honey. I bet this one is a surprise?! Honey gives the brain glucose to lower a neutransmitter called orexin which increases alertness.

-Bananas. Not only are these delectable foods high in potassium but also magnesium and melatonin. This combo helps our muscles to relax.

-Salmon. I'm seeing the benefits of this fish for all the right reasons. Make sure you check the source of the salmon as there are still contaminated waters that humans don't want to ingest from the fish that swim in them.

Almonds. Instead of crunching them down, get some almond butter and spread it on the bananas! I can already see you dozing off!

Oatmeal. Better to have this in the evening than as a breakfast cereal. For a triple dose of good night's sleep add, you guessed it, bananas, honey and milk? Voila!

So there you have it. Now go get some peaceful zzz's!! For more information call 440-3118 or check our website at