Public individuals on Dominican radio are expressing alarm at the dangerous condition of 'post-Erika' coastal roads and the fact that no rebuilding has taken place island-wide. The roads are literally crumbling under the strain of vehicles and falling apart. The coastal road from Portsmouth to Roseau was cited as an example.

Roads all over the country are seriously undermined and are thereby, a major incident waiting to happen. The government must act urgently by using funds raised for this reason otherwise they could be liable for criminal negligence. Already flooding safety measures (in place since the 1800's), were neglected for decades and so it could be construed that 30 people lost their lives in vain.

As lawmakers, governments are already aware of their legal responsibilities. I understand that rivers are yet to be dredged in Petite Savanne yet monies were raised for these purposes.

The government must do right by the people who re-elected them in great numbers. It is the very least they could do to show gratitude for the people's continued support. Sandie