Please allow me some space in your newspaper to share my letter.

As a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, I am ashamed! My mother was from Dominica.

For the second time in less than six months, Trinidad and Tobago has the dubious honor of insulting the people of Dominica as she struggles to rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Many Trinbagonians have been clutching their pearls this time, as our decision to vote against the waiver of OAS fees was done on an international stage, this however, is not the first time that we have shown our true colors to our battered Caribbean brothers and sisters.

In October 2017, FAME – Caribbean headed by the Ultra Bespoke Master Tailor Andrew Ramroop OBE CMTT, owner of Maurice Sedwell on Saville Row (who is currently teaching a multi-million dollar Ultra Bespoke tailoring course in Macoya funded by the taxpayer), launched "The Green Runway Benefit for Dominica and Barbuda" under the patronage of the Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, on November 25th 2018 at O2 Park. No one even batted an eyelid back then when the benefit was cancelled/switched/moved and a new production titled ON STAGE, upstaged "One Common Intention" for Dominica and Barbuda.

Instead of a charity benefit, what we witnessed was a state entity sponsored fashion show that featured Prime Minister Keith Rowley strutting the catwalk in sartorial style, wearing one of Andrew Ramroop's 24 carat Gold Stripes collection suits. Prime Minister Skerrit, who had already accepted Fame – Caribbean's invitation and had other whirlwind visits scheduled around that invitation still came. He graciously thanked the people of T&T for our generosity, received seeds to help rebuild his country's agricultural infrastructure, met with our hurricane relief management teams, attended a Thanksgiving Mass and interacted with the students of Dominica who are currently studying here.

This snub to the people of Dominica went practically unnoticed as Mr. Andrew Ramroop's enablers turned out in full support on NAPA's stage, yet many of the same people are now cringing over our vote at the OAS meeting. As one member of the congregation at the Thanksgiving Mass held in Malick remarked in amazement "How do you uninvite a Prime Minister?" Such is the arrogance and the thirst for FAME that we would disregard those in dire need for a chance to strut in a spotlight.

As a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago I would happily donate towards Dominica's OAS fees in an effort to make amends for this second insult, and to let the people of Dominica know that there are those of us who really do care.

James B. Solomon

77 Sandalwood Drive

Goodwood Gardens

Diego Martin