Mr. Herbert Volney in your various statements you have failed to note that:

The UWP under James won 11 seats and were kicked out with an amalgamation of parties, DLP and DFP.

Under Linton`s leadership the UWP won eight seats in the stolen 2014 elections, an increase by 65% from the previous election and a weak Election Commission. Please refer to the numerous mail presented by Lennox re Skerrit and Lawrence, mail between the Commission and Skerrit's lawyers.

You failed to recognise that Hon. Joshua Francis whom you purport to champion for as the UWP leader with immediate effect has responded many times that he is neither currently interested nor ready for the leadership of UWP. This is the mistake DLP made by putting Skerrit in there as a novice, a painful remedy that is destroying Dominica. I wholly agree with Joshua, not rush into this leadership thing like Skerrit. One then must question your motive in pursuing such a superfluous campaign.

The Skerrit-led DLP government enticed plane loads of Diasporan Dominicans through many routes to vote in strategic constituencies where Skerrit knew that they would not have won.

Eugenia Charles fell in the same predicament like Lennox that he will not make a good Prime Minister, in that like Eugenia, Linton appears too serious, strict and with Dominica`s interest at heart. However, this is the kind of disciplined leadership Dominica needs and Miss Charles served three terms, stabilised the country politically and democratically, established a growing economy and brought back some level of decency and prestige to the name Dominica. Lennox is sufficiently qualified to restore decency to our ailing Dominica.

Please be further advised that Hon. Linton is not the issue and that there are numerous, critical and presenting issues facing Dominica's development more so in the past 13 years impoverished Dominica tenfold over. The critical issue before us is that Dominicans are not sufficiently mature enough to reject Skerrit`s Red Clinic and are blind to decency, transparency, good governance and accountability in Government.

Dominica like many African and Latin American countries still experience long serving Presidents labeled as corrupt, dictators, manipulate the voters' lists and offer handouts to the poor and vulnerable for example, closer to home Haiti. Now there is this Nigerian minister Alison-Madueke allegedly on the run and may be associated with Skerrit. Corrupt leaders are very deliberate in disrespecting the institutions of government, and violate and disrespect the Constitution.

Hon. Linton single handedly pursued a campaign on behalf of all Dominicans in discovering many illegal and fraudulent financial and other constitutional matters of this Skerrit led government and forced the government to admit the Bin Bobol after the evidence presented itself and admitted in shame that "an error" was made. They promised to repay within two weeks and was only paid almost a year later. To this day I am convinced that it is our tax money that repaid this money. This was an open act of thievery created, manupilated from the highest level of the Prime Minister's office. We need to know who and Skerrit`s government need to put an investigation in place. Will this happen under this questionable government? No, I doubt it very much. That is why they are scared of Hon. Linton and a UWP government.

So Volney, please get your priorities right in what is it you wish to champion on behalf of Dominica. A legal luminary having served in one of the richest countries in the Caribbean should be championing for integrity, good governance, and transparency in government and not at Hon. Linton, a person you have failed to recognised who undertook the tasks I mentioned above on behalf of we, the Dominican people. Where were you and what really have you been engaged in? Are you in search of a job within the Skerrit administration? I hope you will not be fired.

Political Observer