Celia Nicholas
Celia Nicholas

Independence Message Dominica Association of Teachers Celia Nicholas – President

In Unity There is Strength

The young nation of the Commonwealth of Dominica is observing with much gusto another year of Independence. Amidst the throes of our celebration there should be room for personal introspection and national reflection geared to respond to our identified shortcomings.

The year's theme "One Mission, One Dominica, Celebrating Thirty-five" presupposes a ready disposition to achieve oneness through purposefulness.

Though the concept of mission is used widely by varied organisations/institutions, one would agree that it is not an easy process to come to a common and concise understanding of the very embodiment of a mission. We do know that a mission is something important to be accomplished. As we seek to establish one mission; what does this mean to the citizens of Dominica?

The citizenry should be knowledgeable about this singular mission. It would do us well to identify goals and objectives which can serve our purpose and concentrate on issues which have the capacity to communicate a sense of intended directions. Citizens should be schooled in the approaches which are adopted to arrive at this oneness.

The declaration of "…ONE DOMINICA…" is a vision worth pursuing. There is no other option for quality survival. Two commonplace maxims come to mind "In unity there is strength" and "A house divided against itself cannot stand". Unity has to be nurtured. As a people we must want unity with its many dimensional requisites and not use it only as a rallying call. Deep-seated unity has a rippling effect. Its transformational characteristics are intrusive and affect in a positive manner all aspects of national life.

The patriotic song which schools have been commissioned to sing at National Youth Rally extols the "resplendent beauty" of Dominica - "a lovely gift". We sing "And may God bless and keep her." Let us transfer this ecstatic mode to our words, actions and attitude which can generate sources of blessing and sustenance. "With beauty around us and God to protect us, let us move on forward as one together."

On any journey, we encounter mountain and valley experiences. This metaphoric expression lends itself to the topography of the Commonwealth of Dominica. As a people we have endured our fair share of hardships. Nonetheless, upon reflection we have reasons to celebrate at thirty-five. Our teachers and students continue to excel locally, regionally and internationally. In spite of setbacks, we continue to achieve. This does not mean that we wallow in inadequacies. Even as we celebrate, we need to recognize our challenges and keep our resolve to attend to them with rigour, vigour and integrity.

The Dominica Association of Teachers is prepared to participate in strategic planning which will engender "One Mission, One Dominica".

The National Executive and members of the Dominica Association of Teachers wish all a refreshing and reflective Independence season 2013.