"For many it was the first time being in a setting like this learning to use the knife, fork, soup spoon, how to sit at a table, how to have proper conversation, how to excuse yourself at the table and many other tips when comes to etiquette at the table," said Gloria Walsh the founder of the Love One Teach One Foundation (LOTOF)

Walsh referred to an opportunity, on January 2, 2015 at the Bath Estate Community Centre, that young children from Bath Estate and Silver Lake recently had to experience a three-course meal.

Walsh said the idea of hosting a dinner came from a former Peace Corps Volunteer who thought about doing something different for the children.

"Some might wonder why etiquette dinner and not just a usual Christmas party for the young people but two years ago with the tremendous help of Miss Carrie Katz, former Peace Corps Volunteer who was assigned to the Love One Teach One Foundation and the Roseau Primary School came up with the idea of something different for the young people," she said. "Our usual used to be the annual Christmas party for all the participants but in 2011 we started our preparation for this dinner because of the amount if children".

Walsh told the Sun that hosting the dinner was not an easy task; however there is a first time for everything. She also mentioned that a few adults were invited to sit with the children to engage them in conversation.

One of the invited guests was Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau South Constituency Joshua Francis.