It is sad that as a citizen of Dominica by birth I have to express my dissatisfaction and disappointment towards my fellow people.

On Monday June 10, 2013 I encountered an incident where I fell in front of the Court House in Roseau and injured myself when I hit my head on the door of the said building leaving my head, face and neck with swellings and blackness .

At that time there were a number of police officers on duty. I must say one of the officers who were present came to me and assisted my friend in lifting me up. He was the only one from all these police officers present who assisted from all the others not one came forward and says Madame, how are you doing? Where did you get hurt? Do you mind a glass of water? A piece of ice, just to name a few kind words that could be said by one. I ask the officer is there any ice I could get a piece please? And he replied there's no ice.

What are our people on this beautiful, nature island Waitukubuli, pure is her body becoming of? Is it because we have a job, a house, a car, we wear a tie and heels that we feel we are above others? My people, it's time we come back to earth, nature of greeting, caring and loving each other as we use to do before. Where are the good old days of one helping each other and correcting each other's children? It is a shame; I must say a big shame, on my people. Get up let's unite as God wants us to be. We are all brothers and sisters by God. Let's show the world how we as Dominicans can be proud, happy and loving.

A Concerned Citizen