I remembered a University Lecturer saying to me: "we are surrounded by technology, from the simplest 'cocoyea broom' at home to the 'massive networks' that allow for interactions from all angles across the globe." It is a fact that the classroom experiences of our grandparents were so different compared to today's classroom experience. There are certainly more types of technology used today in the classroom to enhance learning and we have become so dependent on these powerful types of Technology. In fact, the rise in technology has helped us become more productive and we must be able to use it safely and in healthy ways.

Parents, therefore, must be responsible and monitor the way their children utilize technology. Some people are of the view that, in some cases, technology seems to be negatively impacting on the mental construct of persons in society. For instance, the overuse of computers and mobile devices curtail important interpersonal communication and can hinder children from developing the skills necessary to deal with others in real life.

However, there are so many benefits to persons using technology. In fact, a number of reported programmes on the television, radio, and internet have demonstrated again and again how technology continues to boost children's learning experiences and at the same time complementing the education they receive in school. Additionally, research has shown that some technology make it easier for children with developmental disabilities.

With the rise in technology, we must always keep in mind that, like anything, there are positive and negative implications to the latest, greatest technology innovations. There are also serious risks to children using technology without the proper supervision and moderation. In fact, the best thing that parents can do is become well trained in the technology their children are using so that they can monitor what is going on. On the other hand, concerns have been raised over the fact that some children are spending too much time in front of digital screens. When children spend too many hours watching television, playing video games, surfing the Web, and using a tablet, they are most likely not getting enough of their school work covered as well as other face-to-face social interaction.

Therefore, all parents should be aware of their children's activity online and put monitoring software in place to ensure safe experiences. At the same time, children must be discipline enough to know when it is time for study and when it is time for play. As technology continues to evolve rapidly around us, let us not be afraid to make technology work for us.