by Ian Jackson

From time beginning Man has sought inner peace But try as he would he can't escape himself War in the Middle East and all over Children in Africa still suffer While we search for someone to blame Some blame life's conditions, on de politician Forgetting that they were once mere citizens Just like teachers or any profession They turn devil when they attain position And so they blame game just continue


But look in de mirror Tell me what do you see-mankind Tell me man are you not just as guilty- mankind Where is this conscience, you talk about so freely This world will only fix when we start with we Mankind…oh mankind

What a paradox We in church praying to de saints While we keep on inflicting pain We say we freedom, labour and worker But who we are, aren't we just Dominica So why keep hurting the country's name Crime on the increase, yet we turn a blind eye to it Television, some say is the culprit Lack of values create social misfits Every song, everything is politics No my people, life is bigger than this

Some self-examination Is what we should be conducting Look at yourself, see how you living Are we involve in gossip, hate mongering And to our neighbours we not talking My people are we truly progressing Yes we boast of stadium, new roads and endless concrete But is this growth, really development If we can't live, and love each other We fuss and fight daily and bicker Tell me who in the end will suffer