Dear Roosevelt, I heard you speak over DBS Radio during their morning news broadcast on Saturday the 3rd of October. I must congratulate you for you have taken an initial step. You said all the right things but alas, you did not come across to me as genuine. You sounded to me like a charlatan, a trickster; I could imagine you winking at people in the room while taping said speech. Don't think of me being harsh as that is the bed you have made over the years. I believe ven your own people must cringe at your oily ways.

Now, it was indeed stupid to cancel the World Creole Music Festival but, like the old people say 'toot mal car fete poo un bien'. We will use that weekend for NATIONAL RECONCILIATION. It will all begin with you making a public confession or recantation or cleansing. It is very troubling to me to have a leader not many people believe in or trusts. In my view Dominica is too much of a blessed country to have such a blight at its helm. You have to change and the people must hear and feel you.

On that first day of reconciliation you will kneel before Cardinal Kelvin Felix at the Windsor Park and take back, recant, refute all those divisive things you have said and done over the years, especially that 2009 diatribe of "NO CONSTITUTION CAN STOP ME" and "IS NOBODY'S DAMN BUISNESS". Such statements demean the people and when they do nothing they seem worst than sheep or fowls. To those abroad Dominicans become laughingstocks and impotent.

At the NATIONAL RECONCILIATION WEEKEND there will be no alcohol or ganja or any other thing that gets us inebriated. We are going to take a break from all those endless ceewos which many say became everyday since the advent of you. Our youth are blinded. I have found half drink constantly, half smoke constantly and a lot go both ways, usually listening to some mindless repetitive noises. If this is a ploy of yours then I believe that your aim is to destroy the country. Frankly, I believe you are in power only because the majority of youth show no positive concern for the health and wealth of the country. I am afraid that the Haitians, the Chinese and the returning Pinks will take this country away, for if this trend continues the few remaining Dominicans will be too stoned to care or be able.

Roosevelt, you have the power but you do not have the people. Those you think you have are only there because of the largesse. Let them know that there is no more of that. I like what you did telling those business places that in these rough times they cannot have tax concessions. I just hope that you are not secretly giving them away. Try Roosevelt, you can turn a new leaf and save Dominica from the pit into which it is heading. If the lechers that are around you won't budge in the new direction, fire them.

The ball is in your court, Roosevelt, to be a real leader and not just a red one. That's stupid, makes you part man, not whole. Humble yourself to change the nation for new bridges only won't help. Change your legacy which I believe is now labelled greed, corruption, divider, wickedness, hatemonger, devil. On November 3rd we will all gather at the Windsor Park dressed in white with our families and picnic baskets and have a sharing, a togetherness, a oneness, a communion, hopefully with a leader.

MEA CULPA: A formal apology or acknowledgement of responsibility or guilt.

Leonardo Joshua