There are people who do wrong, know they do wrong and enjoy doing wrong. These are the political people in authority and with their devious aides and powers openly behave in a deliberate dishonest, malicious or otherwise contemptible way and will continue in 2013. In the past these people were referred to as infidels in that they openly spread their wrath on the poor people, cripple the nation and use the riches of the poor to enrich themselves and pray to God to protect them at the same time.

There has been a barrage of allegations of wrong doing against some of our politicians and in every way aided by legal minds, protecting the indefensible and in the most artful ways get away with it while Dominica`s poor youth are sent to prison for long sentences for stealing potatoes, shop lifting and other related petty street crimes. Of course wrong doing should be punished all levels.

These miscreants are like stalactites, hanging pillars of individuals creeping up the walls of the Financial Centre, the structures of government and have gradually built up like political cesspits from the dirty political waste water seeping through these political corridors seeking prominence and recognition for their selfish ends. It's the plantocracy in operation and involving a chain reaction, cause and effect or action and reaction, where things will get progressively worse.

State crimes have become an art form and are well protected by so called good citizens. They are blessed and protected in churches by the those who profess to be the guardians of God`s poor and vulnerable people who continue to beg and honour the power of these miscreants for bread, money, hand-outs, clothing, housing materials. As the poor continue to live in squalor, these good citizens in political power continue to live in villa-style bungalows on top of the hills while public servants wait for their long overdue pay rise; they have been insulted and offered crumbs of 1% pay increase, but the political miscreants openly accumulate their wealth from the restricted and limited duty-free resources of the state through heavy perks, claim hefty travel allowances but are unable to account to the people of Dominica for the benefits and returns of these travels.

This cacophonous gang of politicians, businessmen and legal minds operate a well-designed and protected plutocracy; they support the injustice of the political system and profession they are supposed to uphold and respect but continue to use their mucous secretion for support of innocent loyal citizens who do not know better. They stifle the growth and development of our citizens in a country where over 50% of our youth are incarcerated in prison and their poor, vulnerable and deprived parents and elderly are reduced to vagrancy, continue to parade the streets of Roseau everyday with begging hands and are seen as a nuisance by the office of the Mayor while prayers are being said every Sunday by professed blessed men in gowns of deceitfulness and blindness.

No, Morne Diablotin and Morne Au Diable are the not the devils of the country. These mountains have towered in peace for centuries, blown tranquil cool and soothing breeze, dropped heavenly holy water and blessed the land with holy showers from above. With some arrogance our advisers have demonstrated historical ignorance. What ignorance - what sin. In return they get the limited goodies from the state and a supremo to repair their churches and then turn a blind eye on God`s poor and deprived people.

We must elevate the working class people of Dominica and the Caribbean to higher levels of nobility and democratic awareness because these so-called political good citizens and elites representing the plantocracy, have systematically perverted their thinking and judgment and reduced them to mediocrity, beggars, searchers of hand-outs and providers of false allegiance.

Political Observer