I have interviewed a few Jamaicans who know and have been to shows of Tommy lee Sparta and they have nothing good to report. He now carries the title of Uncle Demon from one of his 'hit' songs by the same name.

' Sparta dig dem up Dig up every skeleton under the guns Thugs dem a Granville love pop it off... God kill mi mi no have no heart Me evil than how mi blood cloth look A me first corrupt the war part Legion"

Such is the lyrical content of Leroy "Tommy Lee Sparta" Russell, born in Montego Bay Jamaica in 1987 masquerading as a dancehall artiste. He has described himself as a "Gothic Dancehall" artiste one who is inspired by Satanist subject matter from the punk and death rock clan who paint themselves in evil and preach violence.

'Left a hole in de bwoy head big like a cup...uncle demon.'

Could it be this seemingly disturbed and possessed individual is the one that Mr Cabral Douglas represents as promoter and legal representative and has insisted that he should be given the artistic right as is legally required?

I agree with the state, church and all those with a sense of morality for such an undesirable artists to be deported from our shores as an inciter of violence and hatred. Even Jamaicans agree that the demonic Tommy Lee, a member of the Portmore Crew under the leadership of Vybz Kartel, should not be granted any permission to unleash the evil spun from his lips on this land.

I don't doubt that there may be a lot of money involved because most Jamaican artistes request up-front 50% of their performance fees even before they depart from their island. But can't Mr Douglas find any other popular artiste with solid messages for young people? As I recall he is very much concerned about the plight of Portsmouth residence particularly the young. So why not promote something more uplifting?

Freedom of travel in the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) is reserved for those of good repute and not persons of questionable character. Young people find it difficult to get jobs when their police record has been tarnished, so why must this Tommy Lee guy with his dark, gruesome lyrical content be unleashed on the populace and on our impressionable and vulnerable youth?

The guy was also banned in St Vincent recently by the Association of Evangelical Churches who stated, upon examination of his lyrics, that "it was found dangerous, hidden messages that could lead adherents directly into the pits of hell". He was due to perform at a so-called "One love Promotions Halloween Bash". What an oxymoron, Love and Halloween side by side?

We are reminding readers that "Death and life are in the power of the tongue" as is stated in Proverbs 18: 21. Tommy Lee's 'boss' (Vibz Katel) is now incarcerated having been found guilty of murder. And, ironically, he is even more popular in jail than out. But that's how the devil works...the devil can disguise and use fame and fortune through music to get a hold of the youth. Demons have power to reap havoc and destruction and such is spewed through music like Tommy Lee's. No, he is not the only one; many other American mega stars have given their lives over to the devil for overnight fame and riches and they appeal to the youth.

Many of their signs are there for all to see. I invite the youth to research the hand signs and symbols used in tattoos, masks and face paintings used to convert souls for Satan.

It would be good for all to remember that Satan was once a great musician before he was cast down from Heaven. So in the last days this is the tool being used through the guise of entertainment to win souls for his kingdom. There is no hypocrisy here, we have all fallen short and will continue to, and saved by grace and mercy of God.

I am not prepared to deny neither His divine existence, nor the fact that we are blessed with talents to glorify Him. So, I make no apologies. I support the stand taken by all and sundry to prevent this evil lyrical invasion during the carnival season when the guard of our youth is down. Portsmouth has had enough problems of crime in recent times. So, a word to the wise is sufficient.