I may have alienated one or two of the three people who read my letters with my dry nuts and bolts analogy to homosexuality in my last letter " A Darker Shade of Pale". However, in the six hundred or so words the paper allows for letters I can hardly expand on issues especially touchy ones such as tightennings.

The most aggressive and or diehard homosexuals will agree or should, that the natural of creation is for a male and a female to copulate, a fitting together, a nut and a bolt, a coupling.

The idea of creation is for everybody to be born with two arms, two legs, two hands, one head, ten fingers, and so, and if with male attributes, male tendencies, wants and needs.

However, we know that is not always the case. With the billions of people born and the many things that can go wrong during pregnancy, we are lucky or maybe blessed that such a small percentage are born with apparent defects or to be politically correct, with handicaps or disabilities.

As we now know there are not only physical handicaps but mental, psychological and what have you . In my view, which maybe does not count for much, there is much cross-wirings and what is to be is not and people are born with female forms but male tendencies, wants and needs. There is always nature but there is also nurture. Sometimes the environment which one is exposed to tends to bend them one way or the other.

Over the past forty or fifty years we have come to give a greater respect and acceptance to the physically handicapped and make provisions for them by building ramps, rails, special bathroom facilities and so on. So to we must make provision and give acceptance to people with other handicaps. Outside or in spite of their handicaps they operate normally. I have known level headed and accomplished males who say they do not have and never had any feelings for females. One shudders to think what the world would be like had Alan Turing's homosexuality been dealt with before he had broken the enigma code.

There is nature and there is nurture but there is also just plain lust for there are many who abide in homosexuality for the mere sexual pleasure. For me, the grand question is the adoption of normal children by homosexual couples. Nurture. The children do not have to be, neither does one assume that they will be raised as such, but even the most aggressive and diehard of homosexuals will or should agree that the children's tendencies will be driven somewhat by their pseudo-parents.

The joke is whether homosexuals will accept the handicap cap to be accepted totally. A corollary to the joke is that a huge percentage of so-called straight men like seeing female homosexual sex though male homosexuals are abhorrent to them. Are those men at least partially handicapped or better, defective?

People do not chose to be handicapped. Do you think hermaphrodites have a better time than the rest of us with only one organ.

I was born under the midnight sun
So my hue and my cue oughta be different
The things that I do
Are the things that I do
I do because I am me
So don't pay me no mind
And get left behind Marking time
For don't you see when you go down the road
I don't heap you no load I don't make you no toad
I just let you be .
I was born as the only one
So my time and my tune oughta be different
The song that I sing May not be the one that you long
But still let me be me
Give me my chance
Let me do my own dance
Set me free

Leonardo Joshua