I write concerning the continued disregard and disrespect shown the Dominica Football Association (DFA) executive for the constitution of the DFA, and more so to the members of the DFA.

The executive is charged, in the DFA constitution, with the directed responsibility to ensure the constitution is implemented. The executive competence in that regard is questionable as it failed to recognize the following:

  • Elections were constitutionally due at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) OF 2012 due to the vacancy created by the suspension of Patrick John by FIFA.
  • The executive continues to believe that Glen Etienne is elected president or can legally or constitutionally act as president beyond the DFA AGM of 2013.

And the executive appears irresponsible not recognizing:

  • The DFA in a position of suspension from FIFA for having an unelected executive or executive members and the serious consequence of a FIFA suspension if FIFA has been misinformed.
  • The importance of the duly exercised constitutional call for a Special Conference by members of the DFA to discuss and establish the clear constitutional requirement.
  • That there is no constitutional basis for the executive action or lack thereof in not complying the constitutional call for a Special Conference. Jomo could not withdraw his signature!
  • No due process has been exercised to justify this blatant disregard for the constitution of the DFA which the executive is constitutionally obliged to enforce.
  • I make this public appeal as in the past the executive has failed to act to correct actions that are blatantly non constitutional, for example documented evidence of denied access to the financial records of the DFA, and members' rights arbitrarily denied. The executive not only failed to act but has never responded in writing.

The constitution is clear, elections are due, and members constitutionally called for a Special Conference. Please exercise your constitutional responsibility and authority, ensure members rights and respect, safeguard the constitution of the DFA, ensure the DFA is not exposed to FIFA sanctions, your voice will be noted; do the right thing, ensure a constitutional agenda for 2013.

For love of the game

Dexter Francis Former president DFA