As a former member of the Dominica Police Service, it is my humble opinion that the service is undergoing challenges that are not unique just to this period. I have formed this opinion from my own observations as well as from public and private statements.

I boldly say with no fear of contradiction that the police men and women as an organization provide not only an essential service to the nation; but one which is indispensable. We as former police men and women are well aware of this stated fact.

The Government has the constitutional responsibility for the well-being of the Police Service; while it is in the interest of the general public to support the police through thick and thin. However, I submit that we as former police men and women, who ought to know better than the average citizen, we do have an ethical and moral obligation to identify ourselves with the organization and understand the challenges it undergoes without publicly bringing down the very said organization which made us whatever we are today.

We as former members are ideally placed to make constructive criticisms and offer suggestions to the appropriate authority at the right time and place. With my limited understanding of what is right and what is wrong, I truly believe that it is in poor taste, unacceptable and completely wrong for any former member of the service to publicly castigate, condemn and criticize current serving members of the service, whereas he or she the former member may have been guilty of similar conduct. Such behavior is indeed shameful, especially if and when it smacks elements of political motivation. Let us make better use of the opportunities we were given and the experience gained, instead of being embittered about past issues.

This letter may be applicable to serving police men and women as well as employees of both public and private sectors.

Former Cop.