Why do some parents compare their children to other kids? In fact, some parent can have unrealistic expectations for their children. According to a most recent survey, the practice of comparing one child to another has proven to be "in-effective." By comparing your child's behaviour or academic progress with other kids can easily breed stress for yourself and your child.

Parents must understand that children have different talents, interests and strengths and many of these qualities are developed at different stages. They should always keep their expectations for success in line with their children's abilities and interests. Research has shown that when expectations are too high, children can give up and if they are too low, children usually meet them.

Moreover, parents should take great pride in their children's performance at school, sport or other leisure activities. Parents must celebrate their kid's achievements and milestones. However, when they fail in achieving their goals, it is necessary that parents support and encourage them to do better. In other words, parents must continue to be that beacon of hope, not once in a while, but all the time.

Therefore, parents should never compare their children to other kids. Love and appreciate your kids for who they are because they are God's gift to you. Try to be a little patient with them as life emerges.