In case you are wondering why I do not directly write to you Mr. Commissioner, concerning matters of public interest, please allow me to enlighten you, Sir.

I write here from personal experience that when letters of advice or information are written to the police department, often times they are either ignored completely, or action is extremely slow in execution.

But openly the public will be your judge. So here goes: I have personally seen, and heard of a very conspicuous character in Roseau, who goes by the name of "Yellow". When Yellow is "provoked" or annoyed, she becomes very aggravated and dashes to open a tin box of some sort and takes out a sizable knife from her luggage. And she then proceeds to brandish it in front of her perceived aggravator while threatening him, or her to plunge it into the stomach area. It can well be imagined that this is a very uncomfortable position to be in. I refer here to the knife threat and all. I too have experienced this first hand!

I am not certain whether or not the police are aware of that frightening and embarrassing frequently occurring situation. But if not, they are now being informed. The police should therefore spare no time in accessing that notorious weapon kit and confiscate it. They should sternly inform that annoying woman of the possible consequences of her actions, before someone is fatally wounded.

A word to the wise is enough. Or is this call or advice for appropriate and remedial action too much to expect from the police?!

A concerned citizen