Most artists, particularly performing artists, may find that it is not necessarily a good thing to be popular. While they immerse themselves in their glory as stars that persons idolize there should be some concern, apart from the record deals and wealth that this popularity brings about. Firstly no amount of popularity as we have seen throughout history can save man from death or his soul's damnation whether you are the Pope, Pop idol Michael Jackson or revered politician Hugo Chavez, the deceased president of Venezuela. Hence, since popularity is temporary then an artist true worth must be something more than this; that is, if he believes in a life after death, as I do.

Internet sources as well as literature have come up with hundreds of article about Illuminati, a dark secret world of evil and demonic powers and making pacts with satanic forces and in exchange for reaching the pinnacle of success at any cost. Sometimes these writers admonish that you may see persons rise to fame in a very short period, become millionaires and have fans idolizing, yes, literally bowing at their feet. Their pictures and posters litter fans homes; they wear their garments, and give them a place in their hearts and minds.

These adoring fans get into fits, faint, women tear off their clothing in awe at the presence of their favorite artist. Some become possessed for the moment or live in a lifelong fantasy or obsession to the point that this fascination causes them to kill- recall John Lennon and Princess Diana.

The words that "God is a jealous God" never comes to mind as they become drunk with their popularity. Hence, it is not strange that the symbolism used by many heavy metal groups and pop stars are demonic in nature. The paintings on their faces, their use of upside down crosses, the hedonic mask, smashing of instruments on stage, the notorious names they give themselves (like the Grateful Dead ) and the compositions they create suggest the work of an evil force.

As musicians in search of glorification they must not forget the devil was once an angel called Lucifer. He was a fantastic musician; hence, his ability to use the same since he fell out of favor with the Creator is unquestionable. No longer would it seem that there are songs espousing the virtues of peace, love and happiness as artist of the 70s did. Now most songs are basically about lust, sex and violence done in abominable suggestive language sometimes unfortunately packaged as masking. Can this really be man's work or the design of a higher authority working through man?

I am in no position to authenticate or give credence to numerous authors who have gone as far as label the incredible successes of many of today's R&B, Pop and talk show hosts as selling their souls to the devil, nor can I prove or disprove exercises conducted by persons who suggest that when you rotate the albums of some of these "Illuminati' agents backward, you can discern evil utterances paying homage to Satan. However, it is sufficient for me that God, Yahweh, Jehovah commands that "Thou must have no other gods but me." Then, it seems to me, that the aforementioned popularity which many may see as harmless might just be actually giving mere mortals God-like status and angering the Creator who is supposed to be the only ONE worthy of glory.

This, my friends, is not farfetched as many of these so called stars are in support of gay rights and gay marriages giving man-made constitutions by way of a perverted "freedom of choice" greater authority than the word of God! And you know what? The youths and many others have bought into it. In our once moral God-fearing country we see men brazenly declaring themselves homosexual and in particular young women – lesbians, embracing, hand in hand saying "proud to be gay!"

The young vulnerable mind must be thinking: if a great percentage of TV talk artist and music show personalities and producers are gay or support the movement and are so rich and powerful then there must be something good riding the gay train.

One remembers Buju Banton career even before his drug offence was halted because of "Boom bye bye". It would seem that they now can make you or break you, so if its popularity you crave then accept it back and front.

Friends, this is the difference between the artists and entertainer; the former preaches a message a concept, or espouses a viewpoint as Bob Marley in Rastafarianism. But today it's about the dollar and what sells.

So this article serves as an eye opener to those who easily fall prey to the glitz and glamour, glorifying their hard work and abundant talent saying in response "I am blessed." This might just be true…but by whom? However, there is still a niche for the artist who want to 'heal the world and make it a better place' through music and living an exemplary life.

While all judgment belongs to the Lord, remember the Biblical anecdote of the woman who gave the coin in the service of the Lord which actually represented all that she had? News flash - it was weighted much more than the thousands of crumbs that the rich folks gave. Hence one's popularity should reside in his life and positive message and not in the "person." Therefore, as you strive in your pursuit of your dreams, go for it, just remember the popularity you seek, if done to glorify "your name" and not the Creator's then, it may not necessarily be a good thing.

Next week we look at the music of local gospel artist Nichole Christian who has pledged to do the latter.