I would like to congratulate you and your incredible team at the Sun Newspaper fox' maintaining high professional standard of journalism. Indeed I am fascinated by your intriguing publication and news reporting techniques.

However, as a concerned student I wish to express a matter of crucial importance which needs to be addressed immediately. I am very astounded by the outrageous behavior patterns, of some delinquent menaces preying on the naive young high school students at 1pm introducing them to drugs, unprotected sexual trends and lawless behaviour.

Recently there was an intense altercation in Roseau among girls from two prominent high schools in Dominica. It was appalling to see that these girls were fighting over men. As a result they were arrested by the police. This is completely humiliating because they were fully attired in their school uniforms.

I must state with genuine interest that the schools, parents, police department and other concerned citizens need to diligently intervene in order to help alleviate this problem. If not we will suffer the devastating consequences of a high school rate of teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases which definitely result in high school drop outs.

I would appreciate for this article to be featured in your next issues of your newspaper. Tana Valmond