• DEF column strip

    Cap Public Sector Wages: A Needed Reform

    If as most people believe the public sector is not efficient in transforming recurrent and capital revenues into goods and services, then increasing the expenditure on personnel is not going ...

  • Dominican Home Gardener strip

    10 Ways to Make Gardening Easier and Safer for Seniors

    In our last issue of the Dominica Gardener we mentioned the many benefits of gardening for senior citizens. These included:

  • Winners of the Business Model Competition

    SDM Summit Opens Doors for Caribbean Entrepreneurs

    Entrepreneurs, business leaders, senior government officials, members of civil society and other influencers from the Caribbean, and around the world, assembled in their numbers to attend the virtual OECS Republic ...

  • His Excellency Charles Savarin at an Independence Day Parade

    "Physical distancing is not social isolation"

    President of Dominica, His Excellency Charles Angelo Savarin told Dominicans last week that although visits to senior citizens are restricted because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the need for social ...

  • A young boy marches on Independence Street during the National Dress Parade

    COVID cuts Independence Programme

    There will be no Schools' Parade, no Military Parade, no Sashing of a Cultural Elder, no usual Cultural Gala, no National Parade, no Heritage Day, no Sports Finals, no festivals.

  • Sharon Philogene

    Hurrying along to where?

    The last time I checked, Dominica was 289.5 square miles, 29 miles long and 16 miles wide. I have been trying to figure out if by some stroke of luck, ...

  • Criminologist and sociologist Dr. Peter St. Jean

    Not Red? You're Dead

    The victimisation of political opponents and their supporters is being used as a weapon to solidify power in Dominica and other Caribbean countries, according to a distinguished Dominican sociologist.

  • DFP Column strip

    Saving our Nation - Part V

    Mahatma Gandhi said that seven things will destroy humanity - (1) politics without principles; (2) pleasure without conscience; (3) wealth without work; (4) knowledge without character; (5) business without morality; ...

  • Resident Judge Wynante Adrien-Roberts

    Jury finds Pointe Michel man guilty of wounding

    At the High Court on Friday a jury found Romanus John Charles of Pointe Michel guilty of grievous bodily harm with intent.

  • Tiyani  Byanzin, left, and Rosie Douglas

    Tiyani Behanzin: There is Almost no Trace of Rosie

    Tiyani Behanzin, a British-trained barrister, is concerned that there is almost no trace of his father, no evidence that Rosie Douglas, Dominica's 5th Prime Minister, ever lived.

  • Now economic consultant to govt. of South Sudan, Dominican Dr. T. Fontaine

    Economist Dr. Thompson Fontaine: Dominica's economy is in bad shape

    Contrary to statements recently made by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, Dr. Thompson Fontaine, the former International Monetary Fund (IMF) economist says the Dominican economy "is really pathetic".

  • Posters at the 2020 WRD event at Rosalie

    Dominica observes World Rivers Day 2020

    Dominica, the land of many rivers, observed the 15th anniversary of World Rivers Day on Sunday, Sept.27, 2020 at Rosalie.