• J.K. EAGLES I were placed 2nd in the 1984 national basketball league

    The '80s Eagles Soared, Then…

    Several Dominican basketball teams have adopted names after animals such as mammals (Dolphins, Lions, Panthers, Tigers, Wildcats), snakes (Cobras), fish (Sharks), etc.

  • Action in local half-court game. Photo Courtesy DABA Facebook Page

    Dominica's Basketball Vocabulary

    While playing basketball either competitively or recreationally, or even viewing a match from the stands, one may have uttered or heard certain expressions coming either from players or fans, referring ...

  • Kelsey Guye with MVP and Slam-Dunk trophies, 2013 basketball season opener

    Kelsey Guye's Basketball Kudos

    His first name begins with the letter K. So too do the names of his mum, his sister and the majority of his relatives on his mother's side of his ...

  • Pottersville's Basketball League was played on St Alphonsus Church car park in late 1980s

    Balaou Town & Basketball

    Part I of the article focused on the participation of Lakers, Sharks, Hoyas III and Hoyas 16 & Under teams (all from Pottersville) in the national league. The article concludes ...

  • HOYAS III, DABA 1988 Division III League champions, was Pottersville's first basketball championship team. Photo Courtesy Marcellus Lee

    Balaou Town & Basketball

    You hear the name POTTERSVILLE, and possibly would top that list of 'things Pottersville' that would come to mind.

  • Gabriel delivers

    Shannon Gabriel: victim of thought and speech policing

    It's been said that sports and politics should not mix. In reality, it's hard to keep them apart. Especially in today's egg-shell offence-easy world of political correctness.

  • Garvin James - member of Police Sports Club basketball team

    Garvin James the All-Rounder

    "I cannot imagine what my life would be without sports." These are Garvin James's words, and that is a true confession.

  • Neckers on a jumper in Flames vs Pros match, Windsor Park, early- to mid-1980s

    Oliver Burton on the Court

    He's now retired, and his many greys give him this air of accomplishment. His son Sharome plays basketball. He loved playing softball cricket, and has spent thousands of hours fishing ...

  • Ambassadors in uniforms made by player Russell Moreau (L); 1980

    Russell "Multi-Talented" Moreau

    He stands at 6ft 4in tall, but with his relatively quiet demeanor, he can be deceptively unassuming.

  • West Indies celebrate taking another wicket

    Windies win 2nd Test, capture Wisden Trophy

    ST JOHN'S, Antigua – West Indies beat England by ten wickets today in the second Test to take an unassailable 2-0 lead in the three-match Wisden Trophy Series.

  • Yannick Régis (#12) and Kijuan Thomas play on Falcons Premier Division team

    Pichelin's Basketball Culture

    Part IV of Pichelin's Basketball Culture presented on Pichelin's players who participated in Digicel Jumpstart, in Under-20 and "Inter-Schools" Basketball, on the National Under-23 team, Young Falcons Under-17 Team, Pichelin's ...

  • National Pride at an OECS Cycling Competition: Some Members of the Dominica Team

    Sports in 2018

    Sports associations had their programmes, some, terminally halted after the event of Hurricane Maria in September 2017. In spite of having to curtail some of its activities, the Sports Division ...