On Sunday June 30th, 2013, twenty-five young people from the San Juan youth group met on their usual evening to discuss on important Social Issues. This time, they explore the question: Should church ministers use the "ambo" (pulpit) to campaign for politicians? All twenty five youths expressed their disapproval over any church minister who may have used the pulpit to speak politics or ministers who may desire to use the pulpit as means of campaigning for politicians. One of many reasons for their objection is because such an action does not lend to members growing in the knowledge of the risen Christ.

In a recent survey conducted by LifeWay Research: (NASHVILLE, Tenn..) – 'Nearly 90 percent of pastors believe they should not endorse candidates for public office from the pulpit. The survey also revealed that 44 percent of pastors personally endorsed candidates, but did so outside of their church role. The survey of 1,000 Protestant pastors found that only 10 percent believe pastors should endorse candidates from the pulpit. Eighty-seven percent believe (71 percent strongly and 16 percent somewhat) pastors should not endorse candidates for public office from the pulpit. Three percent of pastors are not sure.'

Frank King, a well known Evangelist, in his article - "Most Pastors Disapprove of Endorsing Politicians from the Pulpit" states: "In the Christian community, our primary responsibility as preachers and pastors is to continuously campaign for Christ. The message we proclaim from the pulpit, the songs we sing, and our teaching ministries should all be geared toward our members growing in the knowledge of Christ and in their relationship with Him."

King goes on to say, "As religious leaders, we must equip the people to vibrantly live out their faith on every level of their lives. While he is conscious of people's own constitutional rights and role as voters, he remains vigilant, not to have any kind of interest in telling anyone whom to vote for." However, King recognizes the need "to underscore the importance of choosing godly men and women for political office - regardless of party affiliation." Moreover, he is of the view that church ministers must equip the people with biblical insights in order that they may know how to choose for themselves candidates whose values most closely align with Christian norms and values.

Thank you pastor Frank King for these words of enlightenment!

Author: Frank King: Frank King served as a senior pastor of churches for over twelve years. He holds a Master of Theology degree. Currently, he is an author, and he ministers as an evangelist. Published: October 05, 2012 at 9:39 pm