Here are three international stories that might interest the Dominican public though sadly to say, most are not concerned about the outside world in my personal experience.

The Internet addresses are:1); 2)

Number one is entilted, 'My son's treatment was "cruel and sadistic" - Assange's father to RT. Number two is entitled, 'Uphold International law? Nope, it's been cut from UK ministers' rulebook' and number three is entitled, 'Is the UK Under Investigation for Human Rights Abuses Against the Disabled'.

The titles speak for themselves but the details of said stories make it crystal clear that UK governments no longer uphold national and international laws.

In the case of story number three, the UK government will be the first country to face a high-level inquiry by a United Nations committee for human rights violations. In article number two human rights campaigners accuse David Cameron of editing the ministerial code to remove the government's obligation to uphold international law. In the first article Assange's father says in a statement that, 'We can no longer expect a fair treatment from British law if you sign contracts in London and UK', so this impacts the position of London and the UK as international financial centres.

Respecting and upholding national and international law is crucial to trust, integrity of one's word and so on. Without this level of cooperation and business transactions etc. are impossible. Furthermore governments that support Britain in these criminal activities should also be named and shamed on a Human Rights watch list.

In response to article number two, an Internet post from 'ZitaMercedes2310' wrote that, the UK wants to ignore the rules because the ECHR keeps ruling against the UK government since the 1980s, regarding torture and murder of IRA suspects and now it is about issues like the forced adoption of thousands of children a month, snatched from families accused of 'possible risk of future emotional harm' and not actual evidence of child abuse. Let us not forget that England has the largest elite paedophile ring in the world, most of whom reside in the Houses of Parliament, according to numerous worldwide news reports.

Another Internet poster called 'deathto the NSW2' whatever that means, wrote that, "there is silence about the thousands of citizen victims of 'gang stalking' perpetrated by the Secret Services of supposed democracies, with the excuse that a person might be accomplice to a fictitious plot. A person can be kept on virtual "house arrest" for decades because wherever he goes the citizen is followed by highly paid government idiots'.

I have supplied enough information for this newspaper to check the stories itself and read the comments sections. Any government that supports England in these practices should be viewed with suspicion.

Dominicans should be made aware of these facts to avoid innocently finding themselves embroiled in such sinister activities.